April 8th - 12th


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About Launceston Alive


Easter celebrations have been happening for a long time. But here in Launceston something very significant began when people from numerous churches and organisations assembled in Royal Park on the Good Friday evenings of 2011 and 2012. From 6pm until after midnight, witnessing spectacular sunsets, people of all ages came together to worship and pray. Across diverse cultures the unity was palpable, the prayers ranged from the scrawled hopes of school children to wisdom for our leaders, the direction of our nation and the future of our world. A seed was planted that could only grow and grow and that is exactly what has happened.  As more people in our region have caught the vision for connectedness and cooperation, something very special has developed into Launceston Alive’s annual 5-day Easter celebration of kindness, hope, renewal and life.


A year-round pro-actively cohesive networking process, contacting and connecting Church leaders and other mature christians assisting the whole body of Christ in being increasingly synergistic, thinking and acting strategically.



  • Cohesion and cooperation of Christian Churches in Launceston and surrounding areas
  • Effective engagement of a wide diversity of local communities, through a multifaceted program including arts, music, thought, food and sports
  • Creative presentation, commemoration, and celebration the good news of Good Friday and Easter Thursday
  • Promoting Easter to be one of the main festivals of our city, respected and enjoyed by a large majority of our population
  • With consequent lasting positive & transforming effects on our society


Launceston Alive is steered by a volunteer committee of community representatives who contribute to Launceston Alive’s objectives of bringing churches and communities together into cooperative partnership in helping people understand the original Easter message in a contemporary manner which shows how vitality relevant it is for all of us today.

The steering committee is grateful to have had contribution over the years from too many people to name here. It currently includes:

  • Dr. David Strong, Child & Adolescent Health Consultant
  • Mrs. Stephanie Sebastian, Regional Coordinator, Scripture Union Tasmania
  • Mr. Oliver Mensah, Sales Representative, Actrol Australia; Worship Leader, Door of Hope
  • Mrs. Bronwyn Salter, Pastor, Launceston Family Church
  • Mr. Noel Eagling, Life in Abundance Mentoring, retired school principal

But this isn’t the full list of everyone who is involved in making Launceston Alive a reality every year. There are a number of subcommittees responsible for various events and components and many volunteers who work to make our festival all that it is.

If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch with us and let us know how you’d like to be involved.